October 9th: A New Home

For six years, I have used blogger as the home for the Zoot Perspective. As of today, my content will be moving over to this new site, which can be found at zootperspective.wordpress.com. This new site will allow me to merge together my many different channels, from my blog to my videos to my twitter and Instagram, all on a single page.

The look and feel will be very similar, and will continue to allow me to play with my formatting. But the new site will hopefully allow convergence of all of my work into a single space, that will be easier for me to manage and easier for my readers to follow.

One of the other areas that I hope to play with on the new site is the posting of more frequent, shorter bursts. The world is constantly evolving, changing as fast as we have time to think, and this site will hopefully allow me to participate in the conversation with as many people as possible. Rather than one, 600 word post per week, I am going to aim for three or four 300 word posts per week, allowing us to cover more topics and process more together.

I’m very grateful to all of the individuals who consistently follow the evolution of my social media presence, and join the conversation when I post. I hope that we can continue to look at the world around us and find our own perspectives, as I continue to learn from and explore the Zoot Perspective.

Welcome to the new Zoot Perspective.


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