October 27th: Apple’s Diverse Convergence

A little over a week ago, Apple sent out invitations for their latest tech launch. CEO Tim Cook took the stage today and announced exactly what most had speculated for the past several months: the newest edition of the MacBook Pro.

As predicted, the new Pro device is not only thinner, lighter, and brighter than its predecessor, but also features an LED command strip, which allows app-specific commands and navigation. (Did I mention that it comes in Space Gray?)

There had also been some conversation about an update to the MacBook Air, which hadn’t received any attention in the past several years. That foot didn’t drop, but one Apple representative put it fairly clearly: between the 12-inch MacBok and the 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro options, everything you needed from an Air had been swept up into the new line.

This might displease some Apple fans, but it shouldn’t. The brilliance of Apple’s reach is becoming more and more clear with every product they release.

Our media use is more diverse than it has ever been. We are consuming and creating in ways that are not only new, but ever-changing. As a result, Apple has made a committed effort to ensure that each user gets a device that caters specifically to their needs.

From Apple’s smallest screen on the Apple Watch to the mid-sized tablets of the iPad to the maximum productivity notebook of a MacBook, consumers see a solid line from each size and style, flowing one to the next. By removing the Air from their line in favor of simply the MacBook, they are able to maintain the linear nature of their products and eliminate the redundancy of two different 13-inch laptops.

Those that want a touch-screen have the iPad Pro in both larger and smaller sizes. Those that want a classic clamshell laptop have the traditional and bonafide versions. The goal becomes that an individual is able to walk into an Apple store and tell an employee exactly what they are trying to do to be matched up with the perfect device for them. Most importantly, they will not only receive a device that matches their needs, but receive one that is the top of its class, the absolute best phone, tablet, computer money can buy.

Apple has, over the last year, been working to bring all of their branches together to form a single line of products, flowing one into the next. Today, they took a big step forward to trim the fat where it needed to be trimmed, and beef up the last area that was lacking. The convergence of their personal technological products have made them the perfect fit for any consumer. Apple is attempting to prove that, while you can’t be everything to everybody, you can be each thing to anybody.


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