November 8th: The Time to Act

Today is the day when America changes. By tonight, the country will be profoundly different, one way or another. We have waited a long time for this day. From two fierce primaries to a long, bitter campaign season, the country has been constantly confronted by the challenges we face and demands some kind of solution from one individual or the other.

We are going to wake up tomorrow morning with a new leader (assuming the election is called by then). Yet, all of the problems we’ve been talking about for the past 18 months will still be very much real. We will still have a massive wealth gap, dividing the rich from the poor. We will still be faced by immigration from countries with huge refugee populations, looking for a safe place to call home. We will still have a vacancy on the Supreme Court, which could cripple the country’s ability to govern itself meaningfully.

We have spent months talking, discussing, debating. Now is the time to begin the work. It is time to make policies that will make the lives of Americans substantially better. It is time to begin to work together to come to terms with our political reality, rather than simply waiting for the next go-around. The time for waiting has come and gone. Now is the time for action.

It has been clearly established that it is very likely that over 50% of Americans will not have voted for the next president. There will be a great number of people who will be represented by the OTHER candidate. Are those people to go into hiding, flee the country, be left on the fringes of society? No. That is not what Americans do. Those people have an important role to play, demanding that all voices are heard and that all Americans have a stake in this country’s future.

We cannot afford to keep waiting. We continually sit and wait and argue and filibuster. Our inaction as we wait for the political election process has only exacerbated our challenges. We now must get busy doing the work of running the country, both Republicans and Democrats, in order to ensure that the work gets done and gets done well.

We have seen enough division and conflict. We have felt enough hatred and anger. It is now time to heal, but we need to do so actively. We need to take ownership of the running of our country, and ensure that we move forward into a future we can all be proud of.

The entire world is watching what happens tonight, to see who will be the next generation of leaders in this country. Tomorrow, it is time to show the world what it looks like when Americans take pride in our nation, and what happens when we rally together to stake our claim as the leaders of the world.


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