January 9th: Fight Like A Man

In case we weren’t focusing on the wrong “news” already, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are having a boxing match.

After a fight on Instagram, the two have agreed to take their disagreements to the ring, and are preparing to put on a celebrity event. The two have each picked trainers as well, with Mike Tyson training Brown and and Floyd Mayweather supporting Soulja Boy.

If grown men want to start a fight on Instagram, that’s fine. That’s on them. To have two celebrities host a celebrity boxing match is no problem either. The problem is that nobody seems to be discussing the fact that Chris Brown, a known abuser of women, has no business fighting anybody, and least of all benefiting from it.

After a history of abuse, Brown should be smart enough not to put himself into the spotlight using violence to resolve conflict. Instead, he gets himself involved in an event put on by none other than Floyd Mayweather, another known womanizer and abuser.

It has been difficult to find any evidence that the money raised in the pay-per-view celebrity event will be going to charity or doing any good for the world. So we, as citizens of the world, have an obligation to ignore these men who are only trying to gain attention. These men deserve the attention of being abusive, of never receiving celebrity status again.

Men known for violence have no business profiting from it. It’s time we prove that point with our column inches, eyes, and money going to places that matter.


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