January 23rd: How Many People Is Enough People?

The Inauguration was on Friday, and you would expect that the American government would get to work immediately on repairing the fixed policies and divides within the country. Instead, we are having an crowd-size pissing contest.

On Friday, crowds of people swarmed into Washington D.C. to witness Donald Trump sworn in as president. According to some photographs, though, it would appear as though there were dramatically fewer people there than in 2009 or 2013 for Barack Obama’s installation as the leader of the country.

Some claim the photos paint an unfair picture of the reality of the situation. Others claim that Trump supporters have jobs, and thus couldn’t go to the event. More claim that this is evidence of the leadership of a president serving with no mandate.

The bottom line is this: it doesn’t matter. Whether 3 million people or 30 people showed up, Donald Trump became president. The country has so many challenges to work on, so many solutions to create, that there is no time for the petty arguing over whether or not a photo is accurately depicting the size of the crowd.

The President made statements about the size of the parade. The White House Press Secretary held a press conference to discuss the attendance of the event. The media has committed air time and column inches to just how few or how many people showed up.

One week prior, Donald Trump chastised John Lewis for commenting on the legitimacy of the presidency, claiming he “should spend more time on fixing and helping his district.” Yet, now, his administration is willing to forgo the work of actually getting busy because it wants to discuss how many people liked him enough to come to his party.

Donald Trump needs to busy himself with the work of the job, rather than whether or not he is getting enough credit for it. And attendance at the Inauguration plays no role in making America great, only in making America petty.


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