January 31st: If Tomorrow Never Comes

As a Hanukkah present from my fiancé, we got to go see Garth Brooks when he came to Cincinnati this past weekend. After a decade and change of hiatus, he was able to sell out five concerts over the course of ten days at the US Bank Arena.

Saturday night was his original show released to the public, but wound up being the fourth in nine days. Having seen the show, you would never have guessed. The event was absolutely phenomenal, every voice in the building joining in. This was a collection of fans who had waited a ten years to see this, and were reveling in the opportunity.

Brooks made everyone feel as though we, as a collective whole, were receiving an entirely unique experience, that he was playing for us as he had played for no one else before.

He’s been doing this tour in cities across the country for a year and a half now. He’s been selling out show after show, adding more when the demand exists. Yet, he was able to create something powerful and special for every single person in the building.

What struck me most about the concert was the gratitude Brooks exuded. He seemed to be genuinely having the time of his life, having a great time sharing his music. At one point, he went around and played any song requested on a poster in the arena. He seemed to honestly be concerned that every single fan left having heard the song that they came to hear.

I’ve never gone to a concert with the intent of learning a life lesson. Yet, after having seen Garth Brooks, I left with one nonetheless. If, in my life, I can find something I enjoy doing so much that I’d do it four or five times a week every single week for years, then I know I’m doing something right. And if I’m not loving what I’m doing as much as Garth does, I need to find something better. Getting to see Garth Brooks perform live, I not only got to experience entertainment for my own benefit, but also witness what true passion for life and craft looks like.

May we all find that thing in life that makes us feel as good as playing music feels for Garth Brooks.


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