February 13th: No Tweets for the Wicked

I love Twitter. It is one of my favorite sources for news and commentary. Sports, politics, pop culture, and beyond are all discussed and reported by anyone with an email address, one of the only places the public and the professional get the same freedoms to put something out there and be read and judged by the world.

That being said, I unfollowed @POTUS on January 20th. When the password was passed to the next user, I took my name off the list. I also don’t follow @realDonaldTrump.

When I tell people this, almost everyone doesn’t agree right away. Almost everyone, on the left or the right, tells me that the only way to be informed is to keep track of what everyone is saying, even someone with whom I may not agree. On that front I absolutely agree.

You see, both @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump are public accounts. I can go on and read whatever I want whenever I want. I don’t need to be a follower to get the information. Which means, by not following the accounts, I get to accomplish something that drives directly at the heart of the president: I dent his ego.

Donald Trump has demonstrated that he wants his presidency to be treated like a historic event. He wants the highest approval rating ever (he doesn’t), the biggest Inauguration of all time (it wasn’t), and the strongest presidency (history will tell that tale). To ensure that Donald Trump feels what it’s like not to have the largest Twitter following, I’m not willing to give him my follows, to make him feel like he has more influence than he has.

Taylor Swift has more followers. Instagram has more twitter followers. Barack Obama has over 3 times as many followers.

Donald Trump continues to behave as though his twitter account is the public’s window into his administration and his life. We have seen numerous examples of Trump using his influence and exposure to discuss himself, rather than the issues at hand. How much fun would it be to make him feel as though nobody cares to see? How much better off will we be if we take away his Twitter influence and force him to behave like a President? The answer to our world’s problems are probably going to take more than 140 characters.


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