March 4th: Spring Training Bold Predictions

As Spring Training gets underway, teams are taking stock of who is going to thrive, and who is going to struggle in the coming season. Before we get too deep into the thick of things, the ZP: Left Fielder submits 5 bold predictions for who is primed for a breakout season and who is destined for doom in 2017.

almora1. Albert Almora Jr. will slide right into Dexter Folwer’s shoes…and then some.

Dexter Fowler was a huge part of the 2016 team that ended the Cubs’ 108 year World Series drought. His combination of speed, on base skills, and charismatic leadership were a huge plus, and will be sorely missed, as he left for the rival Cardinals this offseason. That being said, there have been questions as to whether Albert Almora Jr. will be able to slide in and fill those big shoes. If he can get reliable at-bats and solid playing time, Almora should be able to get comfortable and solidify himself at the top of the lineup.

He is a defensive wizard who is only a few years removed from being the golden egg in a stacked Cubs farm system. If the Cubs can be patient through a few growing pains, Almora Jr. will be a huge contributor to the Cubs success.

2. Yoenis Cespedes is big, and his numbers will be too.

Every report coming out of Mets camp is telling us that Cespedes came into Spring Trianing bulked up and in good shape. After getting the big contract he’s been waiting for, Cespedes has been able to settle in and ignore the question marks in his future. While some players get lazy after earning their contract, Cespedes has proven that he is hungrier than ever, and that drive combined with a comfort level in New York will lead to massive numbers and huge success for the Cuban super star.

3. The Marlins outfield will continue its brilliance, while the team as a whole struggles.

The Marlins outfield is stacked with talent, from the power of Giancarlo Stanton to the all-around skills of Christian Yellich and the breakout last season of Marcell Ozuna. While the outfield will continue to grow into fantasy assets and ticket sellers, the Marlins’ hopes of team success seem distant. Between a strong division (the Nationals and Mets look to have a strangle-hold on things) and a lackluster offseason, expect these Marlins to serve as an 85 win team, pesky enough to steal wins away, but not good enough to make a playoff run of their own.

MLB: FEB 23 Colorado Rockies Photo Day4. Ian Desmond will prove to be the star that the Rockies paid for.

The Rockies have been blasted for their big offseason splash of acquiring Ian Desmond to play first base. Desmond is an athletic powerhouse, who’s skills will translate well to Denver. While first base is a new position for him, expect his athleticism and dedication to equate to defensive strength, while his bat falls into an already potent lineup. For a team with very little pitching depth, scoring a ton of runs is the only hope for the Rockies. Having Desmond on their squad will only serve them well in that goal.

5. The Mariners will show that sometimes action doesn’t mean success.

Not for the first time, the Mariners were the busiest team in the offseason, tweaking and maneuvering their roster. With the most moves of the winter, many believe the Mariners will be able to end their playoff drought (the longest in baseball). Unfortunately for Seattle fans, action doesn’t necessarily equate to success, and the Mariners will, for the 17th time in a row, find themselves on the outside of the playoffs looking in.


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