April 5th: Pay Equality Day is a Goal, Not an Accomplishment

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day. No, that doesn’t mean it is the day we’ve reached equal pay, but a day to remind us that we have work left to do. On average, the American woman makes 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, and women of color have it even worse.

What jumps out at me is that nothing is going to change on this matter until we, as individuals, change it. There isn’t necessarily a piece of legislation that will make this gap go away any better than legislation already tries to do. And businesses aren’t in the business of giving away money without it being demanded. Which means that the only way to precipitate a change is to walk into a boss’s office and stand up for one’s self and ask to be paid appropriately.

In order to see change, women are going to have to seize power. For men, it is up to us to be good fathers, brothers, and husbands and encourage the women in our lives to reach out and take what they deserve. And men who are bosses must be willing to understand that women who are paid as they should be are an asset and an opportunity to lead by example.

There are hundreds of women every day who demand fair pay and work hard to earn it. Pay Equality Day is our reminder that the work isn’t finished, and that all Americans, of every gender, have an obligation to stand up for one another. Because everyone wants to live in a society where we are paid based on our hard work and dedication. We want to live in a world where our success is based on our merit, not the results of the genetic lottery. Pay Equality Day is our reminder that the work isn’t done, and we have to be the ones to do it.


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